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Providing medical support
in some of the world’s most challenging environments

We provide remote medical support
Land, air and sea

Totem Medical Solutions

At Totem Medical Solutions we believe that there is no “one size fits all” solution. Our custom medical services are uniquely tailored to our clients’ needs. Our team of seasoned professionals are handpicked to suit the environment you are operating in. From paramedics to physicians, we have you covered.

We specialize in providing medical support in some of the world’s most challenging environments as well as delivering objective specific training designed to any client request. Catering to both the public and private sector, clients including news media organizations, shipping and drilling industries, energy and non-governmental organizations rely on Totem to provide unparalleled support. Experienced in providing a wide array of medical, security and training support, prior projects include providing:

  • Advanced telemedicine to remote and inaccessible locations
  • Healthcare and emergency medicine to multinational crews aboard seismic vessels
  • Medical and security support within areas of ongoing conflict
  • Consultation on cost effective, modular solutions for remote medical care delivery where no sustainable medical infrastructure exists
  • Medical center staffing and management as well as air medical evacuation and transport
  • Tailored pre-deployment training to various companies operating in austere environments.

No mission is beyond the scope of Totem’s capabilities. Finding effective solutions to unconventional problems is our specialty.

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Murray Hambro – Totem Med Talks Podcast – Headstrong

As we continue with our HEADSTRONG series we hear from quite possible one of the most resilient individuals we have ever had the pleasure to speak to. Murray was injured in Afghanistan after an IED hit his patrol vehicle resulting in the loss of his legs. Persevering through setting goals and his endeavour to prove […]


Paul Findlay – Totem Med Talks Podcast – Headstrong

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What’s In A Kit?

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Totem Tactical Medical Division brings over 50 years of combined operational experience to provide the best tactical insight in our training platforms.

We believe that ground truth experience, coupled with innovative and dynamic teaching methods, allow us to provide the most beneficial learning environments. From US and British Special Forces operators to civilian SWAT team members, you’re guaranteed to gain the knowledge at all levels allowing for competency and confidence to tackle any situation head on.

Totem Tactical Medical Division – Medically Minded ~ Tactically Sound

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